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I have more in common with a three-toed sloth or a one-eyed pterodactyl or a Kalamata olive than I have with Winston Churchill.

I've got more in common with a three-toed sloth than I have with Winston Churchill. There is no easy comparison with any modern politician. The more you read about him, the more completely amazed you are about what he did - his energy, his literary fecundity, his ability to work - just unbelievable energy.

Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will but political will is a renewable resource.

There are a few writers that one has a relationship with that means basically you do whatever they say. One is Caryl Churchill and the other is David Hare.

Churchill knew the importance of peace and he also knew the price of it. Churchill finally got his voice of course. He stressed strategy but it was his voice that armed England at last with the old-fashioned moral concepts of honor and duty justice and mercy.

Churchill was the canny political animal very devious bursting with energy and determination learning as hard as he could.

What Churchill described as the twin marauders of war and tyranny have been almost entirely banished from our continent. Today hundreds of millions dwell in freedom from the Baltic to the Adriatic from the Western Approaches to the Aegean.

The food in the House of Commons is fairly good. The cafe in Portcullis House is really very high quality and you also have a choice of eating in the more traditional restaurants the Churchill Room or the Members' Dining Room. I don't often eat in them though as I'm usually on the run.

Mr. Churchill is proud of Britain's stand alone after France had fallen and before America entered the War.