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Madam C. J. Walker (1867-1919) was “the first Black woman millionaire in America” and made her fortune thanks to her homemade line of hair care products for Black women. Born Sarah Breedlove to parents who had been enslaved, she was inspired to create her hair products after an experience with hair loss, which led to the creation of the “Walker system” of hair care.

A man willing to work and unable to find work is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under this sun.

There are certainly not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty women to deserve them.

Has fortune dealt you some bad cards. Then let wisdom make you a good gamester.

The day of fortune is like a harvest day We must be busy when the corn is ripe.

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.

There is nothing so subject to the inconstancy of fortune as war.

Friendless. Having no favors to bestow. Destitute of fortune. Addicted to utterance of truth and common sense.

All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse he may learn to enjoy it.

I feel like a hostage to fortune. Not that I am complaining. I wanted to play the role. But in truth I didn't think the show would be such a success. OK I thought it would fail. Not because it was bad. I was confident it was good but plenty of good things just sort of wither on the vine.

Success is the necessary misfortune of life but it is only to the very unfortunate that it comes early.

My success and my misfortunes the bright and the dark days I have gone through everything has proved to me that in this world either physical or moral good comes out of evil just as well as evil comes out of good.

We all have enough strength to endure the misfortunes of others.

Property is not the sacred right. When a rich man becomes poor it is a misfortune it is not a moral evil. When a poor man becomes destitute it is a moral evil teeming with consequences and injurious to society and morality.

A society that does not correctly interpret and appreciate its past cannot understand its present fortunes and adversities and can be caught unawares in a fast changing world.

A first-generation fortune is the most likely to be given away but once a fortune is inherited it's less likely that a very high percentage will go back to society.

When Fortune smiles I smile to think how quickly she will frown.

Luck is not chance it's toil fortune's expensive smile is earned.

We may seek a fortune for no greater reason than to secure the respect and attention of people who would otherwise look straight through us.

My wife Jill and I have an incredibly close working relationship and an incredibly happy married one. We met through work. I was the world's worst advertising copywriter. She had the misfortune to be my account director so from the very start she was my boss and she still is.

It is always a disappointment to turn from forthright consideration of some subject - whether from the Left or the Right a poet or a plumber - to the Beltway version in which the only aspects of the issue that matter are the effects it will have on the fortunes of the two parties and the various men in power.

Give fools their gold and knaves their power let fortune's bubbles rise and fall who sows a field or trains a flower or plants a tree is more than all.

The tallest Trees are most in the Power of the Winds and Ambitious Men of the Blasts of Fortune.

The power of fortune is confessed only by the miserable for the happy impute all their success to prudence or merit.